Snooth Simplifies Wine Shopping with iPhone App

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  • on DECEMBER 16, 2008
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By Courtney Cochran

Social shopping site Snooth – which allows users to log and rate wines, compare scores with friends and click to buy wines from thousands of merchants across the US – has released an iPhone application that bests many of the other wine apps I’ve seen. Signing up took me less than two minutes (I simply created a user account on my iPhone at, and moments later I was searching wine reviews using their location-based search services. My search for a Rosenblum Zinfandel selling for less than $50 in my area – the service uses zip codes to power its location-based search – yielded a result at The Wine House in San Francisco, which currently carries the bottle for $33.95. Had I wanted to purchase the wine, I could have used Snooth’s “click to call” option embedded in the search result to dial the retailer’s number and have the wine put on hold. Slated for the future: real-time comparison price quotes, so you can search for the lowest-priced bottle of a particular wine in your area, all from inside a store.  

Not bad, eh?


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