Valette’s Peppercorn Crusted New York Steak

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  • on MARCH 28, 2018
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Valette’s Peppercorn Crusted New York Steak

By Julia Ogrydziak March 28, 2018

For our first ever video recipe, we tapped into one of Healdsburg’s newest kids on the block: Valette Restaurant, opened in 2015. Chef Dustin Valette, alum of Michelin-starred Aqua in San Francisco and Napa Valley’s Bouchon, gave us a killer recipe which truly represents fall in Sonoma Wine Country.

We were extra excited when we tried it. Not only does it look and taste incredible, it’s totally doable for even the most remedial cook. That’s right, no special cooking skills needed, and you’ll come out looking like a rock star. We pared down the recipe to make it perfect for two. Because this is one to turn to when you want to wow your S.O., your best friend, or heck, maybe even your mom.

If you aren’t roaming an organic farm in Sonoma on a daily basis, all the ingredients are available in San Francisco. We found everything we needed at the Ferry Building: wild mushrooms, aged NY steak, Padrón peppers, even bone marrow (which you are free to leave out if you aren’t feeling that hip). One other tip – we highly recommend a cast iron pan for searing your steak and looking extra swank while you cook. We bought a Lodge 10 ¼” skillet for $16 bucks on Amazon, and it’s been a love fest. You also need the handle holder so you don’t burn those beautiful hands.

Oh, and a word of warning if you’re new to Padrón peppers. Most are mild, but every now and then you might get one which is super spicy. Enjoy the surprise.

Peppercorn Crusted New York Steak

with wild mushroom fondue, roasted bone marrow, and Padrón peppers

I suggest pairing with an Aperture Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. The tannins match the caramelization of the steak and the richness of the bone marrow perfectly. ~ Dustin


2 each 12 ounce Prime New York steak (dry aged Wagu is the best)

1 pound wild mushrooms or King Trumpets if wild are out of season

3 ounces Cabernet Sauvignon 2x 8” long bone barrow, ask your butcher to cut length wise

1/4 pound marble potatoes, dry farmed

1/4 pound Padrón peppers

1/2 cup baby wild arugula (optional)

unsalted butter

kosher salt

fresh black pepper, crushed


Prepping the Steak

Start with the highest quality steak you can find. I use a Prime, 21 day dry aged Wagu beef, though trust your butcher and ask for the best. Season the steak with kosher salt and crushed black pepper. Allow to rest at room temperature.

Mushroom Fondue

Clean all dirt from mushrooms with a brush. Lightly rinse in warm water. Cut mushrooms into medium size chunks, discarding the gills. In a large pan, sear the mushrooms until golden brown, add 1 oz of butter and red wine then cook until creamy. Readjust the seasoning and keep warm until plated.

Potatoes, Bone Marrow and Padrón Peppers

Cut the potatoes in half. Toss the Padróns with olive oil and sea salt. Place on a pan and roast together in an oven at 400 degrees until the potatoes are half cooked, about 6 minutes. While the potatoes and peppers roast, season the bone marrow with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then add the marrow to the pan and put back in the oven to finish roasting. The marrow is finished when it’s golden brown and hot throughout.

Cooking the Steak

In a large cast iron or thick bottom pan, sear the steak over high heat. Leave in the pan long enough for the steak to take on a dark color and thick crust, add 1 1/2 ounces of butter and cook to the desired temperature. Cook both sides. Remove and allow to rest for 5 minutes.


Place the wild mushroom fondue on the side of the plate and the potato and pepper hash to the side. Put the steak on the fondue and the marrow on the side. Finish with fleur de sel or sea salt.

Serves 2.

Prep Time: 10 minutes.
Cook Time: 30 minutes.

~ Enjoy
Chef Dustin Valette
Valette Restaurant
Healdsburg, California