When Drinking Pink, Don’t Think

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contributed by: Courtney Cochran Too hard, that is. Every spring I marvel at the countless articles about rosé (AKA pink) wine that pop up under the headline “Think Pink.” When the fact of the matter is that this curious step child of the wine world really shouldn’t be thought of too much at all. case in point The other day I enthusiastically poured a glass of a pink wine I’d just picked out for a friend. Its festive red flower-strewn label reminded me of Cabaret posters and its bright pink juice was just as lively. It was, in short, the quintessential bottle of rosé. When I asked my friend what he thought of it he reflected for a moment and just said, “It’s fun.” That’s it!? “Fun”?! The wine writer in me recoiled at the insult his brief response implied. For someone who regularly constructs lengthy (don’t you dare call them “flowery”!) write-ups of the good stuff, I was taken aback at his limited description. After all, the guy knows I must have selected the bottle with more than just a moment’s consideration. when brief is okay When I pressed him for more information my friend stood by his “fun” descriptor. Upon noting my crestfallen look he went on to explain that it might – sort of – remind him of watermelon. Or sweet tarts. But really, he wrapped up reassuringly, that all had nothing to do with the fact that the wine was, without a doubt, quite good. As I knocked back another swallow of the pink stuff I had to agree that it was, indeed, a good wine. But more importantly, it was undeniably fun. tasting notes 2005 Mas de Bazan Rosado, DO Utiel-Requena, Spain Fun, with a sprinkling of watermelon and an afterthought of sweet tarts. (No further thinking required.)


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