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Summertime is upon us and one of the best ways to enjoy this time of year is take your meal al fresco. A picnic is one of the oldest and simplest ways to enjoy a beautiful day. We’re fans of “glamping” here at WineCountry and there’s no reason not to have that same attitude towards a picnic. The experience is easily improved with the right equipment. If you’d like to go all-out on your next outdoor dining adventure, here are a few pieces of gear to consider purchasing. Looking for more elevated experiences? We encourage you to check out our WineCountry Experiences page for out of the box, upgrade WineCountry adventure opportunities.

Von Shef Wicker Picnic Basket Set

wicker picnic basket A perfect embodiment of a classic picnic basket, this wicker basket from Von Shef comes equipped with almost everything you’ll need for a good meal outdoors for four, save for the meal itself. Cotton lining protects the ceramic plates, flatware, salt and pepper shakers and wine glasses from being jostled around too much, while the matching picnic blanket features waterproof PEVA backing to stop wet grass from soaking through.

Ferlin Picnic Backpack Set

picnic backpack It may not have the same traditional look, but this picnic backpack carries just as much as a basket while leaving your hands free for other activities, like hiking to a proper picnic location. In addition to plates and silverware, the pack also comes with a detachable wine holder/cooler, a bottle opener, a cutting board and a paring knife for slicing cheese and fruits.

UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker It isn’t the cheapest of bluetooth speakers, but it may well be the most convenient. The UE Roll speaker is lightweight and roughly the size of a rotund pancake, easily and safely attached via bungee cord onto a belt or pack so you can play music from a bluetooth-enabled device while walking. Since it’s waterproof and boasts a battery life lasting up to nine hours, you’ll have plenty of music for your next excursion.

Vina Wine Travel Carrier

vina wine travel carrier It’s easy enough to pack a lightweight salad and snacks into a small pack, but hefty glass wine bottles are a different matter entirely. This Vina carrier securely holds two wine bottles, with some extra space leftover, in an insulated, partially waterproof tote bag that includes a corkscrew in case you forget yours at home.

Flying Colors Folding Pocket Knife/Corkscrew

folding pocket knife corkscrew A standard pocket knife isn’t well-suited to slicing cheese for a picnic, but this dual pocket-knife and corkscrew is ideal for just such an occasion. Prepare your meal and uncork a bottle of your favorite red with added and convenience and style, courtesy of this wood-trimmed affair from Flying Colors.

Vino2Go Acryllc Tumbler with Lid

vino2go acryllc wine tumbler A stemmed glass is an important part of the wine aesthetic, but if you’re worried about breaking glass on your next picnic, these plastic tumblers provide a kitschy and fun alternative. Because of the shape of the inner surface, it’s difficult to tell from afar that the glass is actually just a hearty travel container with a colorful top to prevent spills and keep bugs from landing in your drink. The thick double-insulated design also helps a chilled white wine stay cooler for longer.

Extra Large Picnic Blanket with Waterproof Backing

large picnic blanket This 60 by 80-inch picnic blanket easily condenses down to the size of a purse, 10 inches in length, with a handle fitted to the top for easy transportation. One side is covered with waterproof backing in case you decide to set up atop wet grass, while the topside is nothing but soft and comfy polar fleece.

Travel Cheese Set with Cutting Board

travel cheese set with cutting board Obviously, nothing quite compliments good wine like good cheese. This set makes it easy to slice the heartiest of cheeses without fear of them falling onto an ant-encrusted blanket, with enough space leftover for other pairings like quince or pepper jelly. The cutting board slides open to store the cutlery so it’s relatively simple to pack a proper cheese tray in a cramped backpack or other carrier.

Bamboo In-Ground Wine Table

bamboo in ground wine table It isn’t easy leaning over to ground level to eat lunch without making some kind of a mess. This simple but crucial picnic accessory offers a convenient way to create a sit-down table. Stick the wooden stake in wherever there’s grass for a 13-inch-long surface complete with gaps on either edge to hold roughly any size of wine glass.

Bicycle Mounted Wine Carrier

bicycle mounted wine carrier This wine carrier is sturdy and perfect for picnicking at the end of the bike ride, or even bringing wine to a party without a worry about driving home. The design pins around the top tube of any bicycle and hangs comfortably in the sturdy real full-grained leather straps.

ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat

green alps mountaineering weekender seat Sitting on the ground may be rustic, but it’s not very good for your back. Whether for a picnic or a lengthy camping trip, the weekender seat creates a lightweight, easily packable outdoor seat anywhere, just so long as there’s earth. In addition to comfort and back support, the seat also offers a mesh pocket for storage and straps to adjust the reclining position.

One picnic need not be the same as the next, so these products come in handy for making every outdoor excursion a unique experience. But no matter what you bring, the most important part of a picnic is remembering to relax and enjoy your surroundings.


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