16 Wine Racks & Wine Storage Ideas For Your Home

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  • on JANUARY 17, 2021
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16 Wine Racks & Wine Storage Ideas For Your Home

By Devin Parr January 17, 2021

Find yourself in the enviable situation of having a lot of wine and nowhere to put it? Enter: The wild world of wine storage. With so many options at so many price points, how do you know which way to go? Do you opt for a temperature-controlled wine fridge? Artsy tabletop display? Multi-tasking wine rack-furniture combo? A DIY wine cellar? Whatever your vision, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite wine storage ideas for the home.

Table Top Wine Rack Ideas

KirinRen Gold Metal Wine Rack, Photo Courtesy of KirinRen

KirinRen Gold Metal Freestanding Wine Rack, $28: We love the sleek, modern look of this metal wine rack, which comes in both black and gold finish. It holds up to nine wine bottles, including oversized bottles that can often be tough to squeeze into more traditional wine racks.

GoodWood Wine Rack, $175: This geometric-shaped wine rack holds eight bottles and is handmade from black locust wood. Bonus: Strong advocates of zero-waste sustainability, all GoodWood products are made from repurposed materials.

MyGift Countertop Rustic Wine Rack, $74: Available in a variety of different finishes, this super stylish eight-bottle wine rack can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on how much space you have, or the look you are going for.

Olivewood Wine Bottle Balance-Arch, $39: While this may only hold one bottle, it makes a pretty gorgeous tabletop conversation piece. It’s also made from 100% sustainable, food-grade, microbial olive wood, so you can feel good about it too.

Temperature-Controlled Wine Fridges

Eurocave | Wine Enthusiast
Photo Courtesy of Eurocave | Wine Enthusiast

EuroCave Pure S Wine Cellar, $3,295: With technology aimed at recreating deep French wine cellars, this 74-bottle wine fridge not only maintains ideal cellar temperature (at an A+ energy efficiency rating!), it also comes with a hygrometer and alarm to alert you when the humidity levels fall too low.

Zephyr Presrv Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, $3,199: This wine fridge promises the storage conditions found in some of the world’s finest wine cellars, including precise temperature control, insulated glass, and a “vibration dampening system” to minimize wine disturbance until the cork is popped. All that and it holds up to 138 wine bottles as a stand-alone unit, or as a built-in home storage option.

Kuppet Freestanding Countertop Wine Fridge, $189: If you’re short on space, this compact, temperature-controlled wine cooler comes in two sizes (19 and 27-bottle), and can even sit counter-top. It can also be used to keep other items cool, like those beers and sodas for your non-wine-drinking friends.

Kalamera Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator, $959: Are you a stickler for keeping your white wines one temperature, and your reds another? This wine fridge allows you to program two separate temperature zones. Five sliding beech wood shelves hold up to 46 bottles of your favorite sippers.

Floor and Wall-Mounted Wine Storage Ideas

BDI Cosmo Bar, Photo Courtesy of BDI

BDI Cosmo Bar, $4,619: Don’t let the price tag scare you. This unit also doubles as a gorgeous furniture piece when the cabinet doors are closed. Plus, in addition to storing 18 bottles of wine, you can DIY a chic home bar, thanks to the glass rack, additional space to store liquor and cocktail tools, and a porcelain countertop for pouring and mixing drinks.

Thrailkill 16-bottle Floor Wine Bottle and Glass Rack, $189: Compact form meets function with this multi-purpose wine storage unit. With a 16-bottle capacity, display shelf, and eight-glass chrome rack to store your stemware, this sleek piece is the perfect option for those looking to conserve space in style.

Ronixe Wall-Mounted Wine Rack, $65 each: Hang one or several of these cool, barrel-stave-inspired wine racks for a striking way to store your wine bottles. If you run out of wine, they also make nifty towel holders as well… but then again, if you run out of wine, you have bigger problems than what to dry your hands with.

WGX Hanging Wine Rack, $140: Turn your kitchen into a fully functioning wine bar with this space-saving, ceiling-mounted wine rack. Grab a glass and a bottle overhead and serve your guests as they sit up at the counter for the ultimate in wine-themed entertaining.

Modular and Custom Wine Storage Solutions

Genuwine Cellars
Spiral Wine Cellar, Photo Courtesy of Genuwine Cellars

Genuwine Spiral Wine Cellar, contact for pricing: Take your wine storage to the absolute next level with a custom underground wine cellar. This show-stopping wine storage solution is accessible via a secret mechanical door that opens to a spiral staircase, taking you to your prized wine collection down below.

Decomil Stackable Modular Wine Rack, from $60: Made from knot-free bamboo, these stackable wine shelves are super simple to assemble, requiring no tool, nails, or screws. One rack holds up to 36 wine bottles, or you can combine several for your very own DIY wine cellar.

Napa Vintner Stackable Wine Rack, from $730: This modular system can be customized to a wide variety of racking options depending on your wine storage needs. Combined with other racks within the series, it offers the perfect built-in cellar solution, providing an attractive storage, display, and service area in one.

Deluxe Vintage Walk-In Wine Cellar: If your wine collection is starting to take over your entire house, it may be time to introduce an entire house to your wine. This walk-in wine room can hold a whopping 900 bottles, and comes with a Breezaire cooling unit to ensure proper temperature control for wine storage.

Don’t forget the basics

No matter what storage idea you go with, it’s important to consider a few key pointers on how to ensure your wines remain intact for as long as you need them to. Elizabeth Schneider, author of the book “Wine for Normal People,” and a host of the podcast by the same name, says that proper wine storage comes down to three things: light, temperature, and humidity.

“The wine must be away from direct sunlight,” she says. “If you have a great wine rack but it gets lots of afternoon sun in your living room or kitchen, your wine will decompose quickly.” In addition to keeping your wine out of the sun, she also suggests making sure the wine fridge you use maintains a consistent temperature, and that proper humidity is essential for keeping your wine corks from drying out. Finally, store your wine bottles on their sides to keep those corks in contact with liquid at all times.


Want more wine storage tips? Check out our article on proper wine storage to maintain the quality of your wine.