Wine Tasting Attire: What to Wear

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Sundress or skinny jeans. Heels or flip flops. Polo or t-shirt. If you’re going wine tasting, you might be a little unsure about what to do when it comes to style. While there aren’t any formal dress codes and you should always wear what you’re comfortable in, we have some tried and true tips that will ensure you’re prepared.

Tip 1: Choose Wisely Between Heels or Flats

Some vineyards have parking lots, manicured walkways, and seated tastings. If this is your style, then heels aren’t a bad choice. For the most part though, the majority of wineries have stand-up counters for tastings and recommend that you take a walking tour of the vineyard. Wearing comfortable shoes that can handle soft grass and grape stains are key in this case. Heels will sink in, stain, and might make you trip if you’re roaming around vineyards. If you’re on the fence, it’s not life or death. Just slip a pair of flats into your purse as a back-up. There’s nothing worse than sore feet when you’re trying to enjoy yourself, so alternate options are always a good idea.

Tip 2: Find a Middle Ground

For the ladies out there who are worried about being over or underdressed, strike a balance! A blouse and blue jeans with wedges can look modern and effortless. A dress with a jean jacket and cowboy boots can look country chic. Just find whatever your style is and express yourself. If you’re still a little uneasy, try bringing a different pair or shoes, a scarf, or fancier earrings along with you. That way, you can dress up or down depending on how you feel once you reach your destination.

Tip 3: Prepare Your Guy Friends

Golfing attire is a safe option for men. Stylish, dark wash jeans are acceptable too, but making a little more effort will ensure that they fit in wherever they go. Make a point to tell them to nix the cologne (we’ll elaborate on the latter in tip 5!).

Tip 4: Wear Layers

Since most vineyards have outdoor patios so guests can enjoy the beautiful views, making sure you’re dressed for the outdoors is key to your comfort. The region and time of year you’re visiting will impact your style. Layering your outfit or bringing a jacket for the car is a smart way to make sure you’re never too hot or cold. Sunshine is also a factor no matter the time of year. If the forecast calls for clear skies and you’re going to be taking tours of the vineyards, don’t forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Tip 5: Think Twice About Your Beauty Routine

Smell, taste, sight. All of these senses go into a well-rounded wine tasting experience. This means you should factor in what you put on your body too—besides clothes! Lipstick is one makeup application we would consider skipping since its oils could muddy the textures and flavors of wine. Perfumes and colognes can get in the way of the subtleties that make wine so divine. If lipstick is part of your signature look or you feel incomplete without a spritz of fragrance, then don’t sweat it. We’re sure you’ll still love your wine tasting experience regardless.

Tip 6: Choose Your Colors Wisely

Unless you’re only sipping white wine all day, spills are something you need to factor in. Wearing darker colors can help camouflage any mishaps.

Tip 7: Coordinate With Friends

There’s nothing wrong with rocking your own style, but showing up in a sundress, heels, and a hat when your friends are all in jeans and sweaters might make you feel a little out of place—and vice versa. If ever you have any doubt, consulting with your group is always a good idea to make sure you’re on the same page.

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