The Art of Enjoying Wine with WineCountry Shop

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  • on JULY 24, 2018
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The Art of Enjoying Wine with WineCountry Shop

By Shana Clarke July 24, 2018

At WineCountry, we love sharing wine experiences with you and offering all the best intel on where to go, what to see, and of course, what to taste. We’re excited to now be able to offer you this same hospitality in your home through our newly launched, WineCountry Shop.

We’ve curated a great selection of items that enhance those special bottles you brought back from your wine vacation — or just makes that Monday night sipper feel a bit more luxurious. We’ve poured, we’ve tested (and drank A LOT of wine) in order to find items we’re passionate about. Check out these five shop items, which we consider to be staples in our own homes.

Elevate Your Next Party, or Make a Solo Night in a Little More Luxe

One of the most versatile tools you can have in your wine arsenal is this Carafe and Decanter combo. Ready to test your and your friends’ blind-tasting skills? This item is an elegant, design-forward way to present the wine sans label. It fits with the 7-in-1 Aerator (see below), so you can be assured that the wine is showing its full aromatic profile. It’s also useful for portioning out large-format bottles, so you don’t need to hoist up a jeroboam every time someone wants a drink. For a solo night in, the Carafe is a way to add elegance to your weeknight; kick your usual standby up a notch by serving it out of this sleek container.


When you’re ready to open that prized vintage you’ve been saving, the Decantiere 7-in-1 Aerator will help the wine show its full potential. This sleek design fits over the neck of the bottle and aerates as it pours. Sediment is filtered out, making this the perfect tool for older bottles. The lip is designed to eliminate drips and keep your tabletop and wine label immaculate. If for some reason you don’t finish the bottle that night, the Aerator’s cap keeps the wine fresh.


Impress your guests at the next backyard BBQ with the Champagne Saber. Why simply pop open a bottle of bubbly when you can put on a show? The heavy blade and ergonomic handle create balanced weight distribution. The density of the blade ensures you don’t need to apply much pressure in order to slay the bottleneck.


As host, you’re often managing many details of the party; let the Table Tower Aerating Wine Dispenser take over sommelier duties the next time you are entertaining. This statement piece aerates the wine as it passes through the filter and into the tulip-shaped vessel. With a simple lift of the spout, guests can serve themselves. Whether you’re serving a prized bottle or a quaffable boxed wine, the Table Tower makes any wine the centerpiece.


Forget rummaging through the drawer yet again in a futile search for a bottle opener. The Shark adds an artful twist to a traditional bottle opener and can stand on its own as a decor piece. Its sculptural shape belies its true function; opening crown-capped pét-nat wines or a bottle of beer has never been easier — or attractive.