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wineTasting.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

You’ll be hard pressed to find a cuter – or more gastronomically gifted – town than Yountville. With its myriad hotels, spas, restaurants and retail shops right within a several-block radius, it’s a self-contained Wine Country hamlet literally tailor-made for tourism. Now, with the addition of Maisonry, Yountville packs more appeal than ever before. maisonry.jpgMa(i)sonry
Gorgeously set in the northern part of Yountville not far from that other Keller haunt, The French Laundry, Ma(i)sonry enchants with its refurbished, 1904 stone structure and expertly curated selection of antiques and artworks from around the world. We’ve kept tabs on developments at this star property – open since October 2008 and owned by Blackbird Vineyards founder Michael Polenske – and are thrilled to report that Polenske has added tastings from additional wineries besides his own at the property. 

Now known as a Vintner Collective tasting room, Ma(i)sonry is today a spot where Wine Country visitors can enjoy tastes of micro-production wines from an assortment of superior vintners from the Napa Valley and beyond.  If you’ve never been to Ma(i)sonry, or haven’t been in a while, it’s well worth a stop.

Evening Sips
Visitors interested in stepping out after dinner will find a lovely later-evening scene at Ma(i)sonry Friday and Saturday nights, when the spot stays open til 10pm.  Enjoy tastes from vintner collective wines indoors or on the spot’s zen-chic outdoor patio, where stylish locals and out-of-towners alike convene around a stone fire pit that sheds just the right amount of light on tastefully whimsical plein air sculptures and elegant landscaping. 

Featured Vintners
Blackbird Vineyards, Brown Estate, Husic Vineyards, Juslyn Vineyards, Lail Vineyards, L’Angevin Wines, Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, Pedras Wine Company, Peirson Meyer, Renteria Wines, Rivera Vineyards, Skipstone, Tamber Bey, Tor Kenward Family Wines, Uvaggio.

6711 Washington St., Yountville, CA 94599 * Advance appointments encouraged: (707) 944-0889


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