Dry Creek Vineyard


Founded in 1972, our family-owned winery is located in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. Our Tasting Room offers a wide range of tasting options including a $10 tasting of our Signature Wines and a $15 tasting of our Wine Club selections. Private, by appointment tastings are also available.

Dry Creek Vineyard was founded in 1972 by David Stare. We were the first new winery built in Dry Creek Valley following Prohibition. We have a long track record of producing some of California’s finest Fumé Blancs and Zinfandels. In addition to these “flagships”, Dry Creek Vineyard is also known for excellent Dry Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Meritage, The Mariner and, starting with the 1997 vintage, Endeavour Cabernet. Today, the winery owns over 185 acres of vineyard land, primarily in the Dry Creek and the Russian River Valleys.

We invite you to visit our family winery and experience the beauty of the Dry Creek Valley. Our tasting room and gardens are a “must” in wine country, with our beautiful insectary garden and bocce court adding a new level of hospitality to the visitor experience.  And, for the third year in a row, we were voted #1 winery in the Healdsburg area by Trip Advisor!

Our beautiful picnic grounds make a lovely setting to enjoy a snack paired with Dry Creek Vineyard wines purchased from our tasting room. In addition to great wine, lovely picnic grounds, and warm hospitality, you can share your Dry Creek Vineyard experience using our free Wi-Fi.

Our new Self-Guided Vineyard Walk and Insectary Garden is open to the public and is free of charge.  The path leads you around four well marked signs that lie at the corners of the walk.  Each sign shares some history, grape growing and winemaking information on our Zinfandel and Sustainability programs at Dry Creek Vineyard.  Located in the middle of the Vineyard walk area lies our insectary garden.   This space is truly beautiful.  Undulating hills and native grasses provide a backdrop to the strategically planted shrubs and flowers.  The idea with an insectary garden is that by introducing beneficial plants, flowers and grasses, good bugs will be attracted to the area.   These good bugs then help us keep the bad bugs away that can so often infiltrate a vineyard.

There’s something for everyone when visiting our winery. From tasting and tours, to a more formal Meritage blending seminar, we invite you to join us for one of these fun and interactive educational programs.

New Experience - Bocce Ball in the Vineyard!

Relax in our estate Zinfandel vineyard and enjoy a casual or competitive game of bocce. The court will be available for you and your group of up to twelve adults (over the age of 21). To book please call Darren Abel (707) 433-1000 ext. 103 or email: concierge@drycreekvineyard.com. Bocce Ball in the Vineyard is offered Thursday through Sunday at 11am to 1pm or 2pm to 4pm and is priced at $150.


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