Bufano Peace Statue Monument

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Timber Cove is proud of its rich lineage. Built in 1963 as a place of meditation and tranquility, Timber Cove was designed by famed architect and original owner Richard Clements Jr., who was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architectural style. Envisioned as a dramatic A-Frame structure, the original Timber Cove generously incorporated redwood and stone materials to create a timeless space that complements the local surroundings.

A friend of Richard Clements, the famed San Francisco artist and sculptor Beniamino Bufano, designed Timber Cove’s landmark obelisk, the Bufano Peace Statue Monument (originally named “The Expanding Universe”). Soaring 93-feet above the cliffs, the Peace Statue is an iconic symbol of beauty, spirit, and tranquility. Many other notable artists have been drawn to Timber Cove, including renowned photographer Ansel Adams, who returned to the site again and again as a source of inspiration. Over the years, Timber Cove became known as “a place to be,” offering a unique location to relax, reconnect, and recharge.


Bufano Peace Statue Monument

The Expanding Universe Monument

You can view the majestic obelisk from Hwy 1, but it’s best enjoyed from a closer vantage point. You don’t have to be a guest of Timber Cove Resort to visit the monument.

Bufano Peace Statue Monument

Perfect Sunsets

The outdoor seating at Coast Kitchen, Timber Cove’s restaurant, offers a great vantage point to view Bufano’s Peace Monument.

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Bufano Peace Statue Monument
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