How Pick Wine On A Date

Whether you and someone special are on a traditional dinner date or a “Netflix and chill” scenario, wine is a crucial ingredient—it doesn’t have the bloating side effects that come with beer nor the chance of getting overly tipsy like liquor. Wine is also an opportunity to showcase your sophistication. Even if your sophistication mostly involve wine coolers served from a mini-fridge, here are some tips to help.

You will need

  • 1 A date
  • 2 A sommelier (wine expert) or, at least, a wine list
  • 3 A sense of adventure


Ask Your Date

Ask your date if he or she enjoys a specific type of wine. Act surprised that your date has such excellent and knowledgeable taste and order what they said.


Ask the Experts

There is no shame in asking help—in fact, knowing when to solicit the advice of experts shows you are sociable and unsnobbish. Most fine dining establishments will have a resident sommelier on hand to perfectly pair a bottle with your meal (and budget). In the absence of a certified expert, your server will have a much better concept of the wine list.


What’s For Dinner?

If the date is at the beach, in the park or on the couch, you’ll have to be your own sommelier. In this case, let your dinner menu be the guide. In very broad terms, white wines pair better with fish, poultry, and vegetables and reds go better with red meat. Most labels will identify pairing suggestions. If wine IS dinner, you can’t go wrong with bubbles—pick up some champagne or brut.


Go Broad

If you and your date don’t have much wine knowledge to go over, pick a Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot or Rosé. These are some of the most popular wines around.


Sip Like An Specialist

Look the wine over. Noting the color and viscosity with your eyes can actually affect how the wine tastes. Stuff your nose in the glass, sniff deeply and note the aroma. Take a small sip, i.e. not a gulp, of wine. This ensures you get a good taste. Don’t swallow right away. Roll the wine around your mouth with your tongue to notice the different flavors. Once your tongue is introduced to the nuances of the wine, feel free to sip at your leisure. Share these tips you’re your date, as well.


Know Some Basics

Here are some wine facts to ensure you don’t look like an idiot in front of your date.