Tamber Bey’s Side-by-Side Elevated Experience

This retrospective tasting features aged gems alongside our current release wines in a private and intimate setting. While personally guided by Tamber Bey’s Director of Hospitality, you will experience a deep dive into our winery operations. Before the tasting, enjoy a walking tour of the production spaces (wine in hand) and meet a few of the horses that make their home at Sundance Ranch.

Experience Highlights

Retrospective Tasting


Select library wines are tasted side by side with their current-release counterparts.
Tertiary aromas in wine refer to the bouquet of smells that wine aging creates. During the aging process, the aromas that the fermentation process has produced develop further or even change with time in the bottle.
Dive Deep into the Wine Production Process


This private experience includes a tour of the winemaking facility and insight into how our wines are made.
Did you know the wine that evaporates from a barrel during the aging process is called the Angel’s Share?
Personalized and Conceptualized


Enjoy your own private host for this elevated experience. It’s one-on-one wine hospitality at its finest.
Our Director of Hospitality Morgan Craft personally hosts this elevated experience.

At a Glance

Available daily from 10 am to 5 pm.
Duration 90 minutes
Tamber Bey Ambassador Club Room
2 Guests. Reservation must be booked in advance and all guests must be over 21
Attire is Napa Casual. Please be aware that the experience includes atour of the ranch and winery, so wear comfortable footwear for walking around outdoors.
This experience is indoors.
Tax is included

Our take

This experience is like tasting time in the bottle.
Personalized, elevated experience.
Wine education meets wine enjoyment.


What happens to wine in the barrel? It ages.
What happens to wine in the bottle? It develops tertiary flavors.
What happens to wine in the glass? It opens up and evolves.

Your Host:
Tamber Bey

Tamber Bey
Vintner Barry Waitte founded Tamber Bey Vineyards in 1999, when he purchased a 60-acre vineyard in the Yountville Appellation and an 11-acre property in the renowned Oakville Appellation. This marked Waitte’s entry into the wine business as a grower. He began making wine in 2001. Today, Tamber Bey Vineyards produces 15 different Burgundy- and Bordeaux-style wines at Sundance Ranch in Calistoga. Sundance Ranch is a world-class equestrian facility that is home to the winery, the Waittes' personal horses and Sunrise Horse Rescue.
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