Yakima Valley Wine Country

Straddling the line between Washington’s east and west, the Yakima Valley AVA offers some of the most unique wines to be found anywhere in the state. But the viticultural offerings are rivaled only by the diversity of the climate, geography and most of all, people.


  1. Beer buffs owe themselves the trip—75% of the nation’s hops are grown in this valley, so don’t leave without trying a pint.

  2. Rent a car. It’s a big valley, and there is a lot of natural beauty outside the towns.

  3. The region comes alive in spring; it’s during this season that a variety of cultural festivals take place, so plan accordingly.

Don't Miss

  1. Yakima Farmers Market This market should be the first stop on your agenda—it features the best of what the region has to offer.
    6 S 2nd St # 404, WA
  2. This hotspot offers a trendy tasting experience, right in the middle of downtown Yakima.
  3. Snipes Mountain Brewery & Restaurant Beer is huge here, and few do it better thank snipes. The food is great, but stay for the brew.
    905 Yakima Valley Hwy, WA


Orchard Inn B&B

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life at the authentic and charming Orchard Inn B&B. The homely interior of the property makes for a great home away from home. Be sure to sample some afternoon tea in The Living Room with the lovely hosts.


Did you Know?

The wines to the west are great, but 40% of the state’s annual grape crop comes from this region, the agricultural breadbasket of Washington.

Things To Do

Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Yakima

Sample the subtle flavors of a refreshing signature pale ale from the Bale Breaker Brewing Company in The Baling Room, a relaxing yet lively place where you can sit back and watch sports or enjoy the warm Yakima sun on the dog-friendly patio.



Zesta Cucina

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