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TOP 10: Wine Country Gifts for this Holiday

TOP 10: Unforgettable Places to Propose or Simply have a Romantic Date in WineCountry

Top 10: Getaways - Winter in Wine Country

Top 10 - Foodie Escapes for the Season

Top 10 - New Year Beginnings in Wine Country


Wine Country Personalities

Aaron Krug

Hennessey House Bed and Breakfast

Cave Music's Improvisator

Miles and Ryan MacDonnell - Round Pond Estate

Connie Gore - The Magician at Milliken Creek Inn

Nick and Gillian Kite

Lindsay Austin of Kings Hill Cellars

Mario Andretti, Part 1 - Andretti Winery

Mario Andretti, Part 2 - National Champion

Kevin and Jill Mittan - Winemakers

Graham Weerts - Winemaker

Nancy Miller - Wine Educator

Leslie Rudd - Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Chef Marco Ruiz of Pasta Prego

Mike and Mary Colhoun

Kathleen Inman - Winemaker

Janine Falvo - The Fresh Face of Wine Country Cuisine

John Lassister - Pixar
LONG TIME SONOMA RESIDENT is "The World's Premier Storyteller"

Kathryn Hall - HALL Vineyards
Celebrating the Dream

Chef Kimball Jones - FARM at the Carneros Inn
Focused Wine Country Cuisine

Chef Peter Pahk- Silverado Resort
Inspiration through Sustainable Cuisine

Chef Douglas Keane - Cyrus Restaurant

Catherine Bergen - Tulocay - Made in Napa Valley

Chef Eric Maczko - Pine Ridge Winery Chef

Inspiring Foodies with Gourmet Every Day Cookbook

Sondra Bernstein - the girl and the fig
Signature Restaurant, Gourmet Picnics, Private Cottages and Catering- The Exclusive Experience on combines it all.



Glen Ellen Zen - by Robert Farmer

Holiday Sleepovers - When Home for the Holidays Means a Wine Country Retreat by Robert Farmer

Debunking the Urban Spa Escape Myth - by Courtney Cochran

Wine Country After Dark - Part One: Napa - by Courtney Cochran

Wine Country After Dark - Part Deux: Sonoma - by Courtney Cochran

Get into the Saddle - Golf and Wine on a Higher Plateau - by Robert Farmer

Have Toque, Will Travel - by Courtney Cochran

Hot Barn in Healdsburg- by Courtney Cochran
Barn Diva Takes Off

Of Swings and Steaks - by Robert Farmer
Golf Getaways for Guys

Hamptons High Note- by Courtney Cochran
Navigating the Tasting Trail on Long Island

The Art of the Festival - by Robert Farmer
Get to Know Sonoma While Saluting the Arts

"Green" High Fashion Hits the Mark- by Courtney Cochran
Ethical apparel abounds at Arboretum

Green Gets Gold - by Robert Farmer
One Napa Hotel Walks the Environmental Walk

Decadence Delivered - by Courtney Cochran
Living It Up at the St. Helena Farmer's Market

Survival of the Tipsiest! - by Courtney Cochran
Wine Country Bachelorette Dos & Don'ts

Snack Attack! - by The Courtney Cochran
The Best Wine Country Sandwiches

Russian River Redux - by The Courtney Cochran
A region springs to life

Sonoma Showcase - by The Courtney Cochran
Coming Soon to Wine Country

Sonoma Diary - by The Courtney Cochran
Tales from the tasting trail

Landing Page: Artistic Expression - by Robert Farmer
One Man's Passion is Wine Country's Treasure

Cool Beans - by Courtney Cochran
The Best Wine Country Coffee Haunts

Dry Creek Valley - by Robert Farmer
Where the Zinfandels Roam

Going Wireless In Wine Country - by Courtney Cochran
The best spots to surf amid the vines

Santa Barbara - by Robert Farmer
Beyond Sideways: a wine region that stands upright on its own

Festival 411 - by Courtney Cochran
Your how-to guide to wine country festivals

Santa Cruz - by Robert Farmer
Surfing the Swell of Coastal Vintages

Los Olivos - by Courtney Cochran
Small in Size, Big on Charm

Going Both Ways - by Courtney Cochran
How to Hit Up Napa & Sonoma in a Single Trip

The Monterey Way - by Robert Farmer
Great Grapes, hold the Wrath

Temecula to the Stars - by Courtney Cochran
Celeb opens B&B in trendy Temecula

Spring Forward - by Courtney Cochran
Get the Jump on Wine Country This Season

Say Hello to Healdsburg - by Robert Farmer

It's a Wrap - by Courtney Cochran
Spotlight on the Sonoma Valley Film Festival

Ranch Style - by Robert Farmer
One Wine Country Ranch Offers Everything But the Cattle Drive

These Boots Were Made for Eco Trekking - by Courtney Cochran
Green-themed hikes give visitors a new view of wine country

Wine Country Weather Report - by Courtney Cochran
Make the most of wine country in winter while keeping dry

Olive Me - by Robert Farmer
Because Grapes are not the Only Things Growing Around Here

Romance Redux - by The Robert Farmer

One Man's Recipe for Romance - by The Robert Farmer

My Name is Mud - by The Robert Farmer
The Mud Bath Makes it Okay to Wallow in Primal Relaxation

Truffle Love - by Courtney Cochran
Everyone Says I Love You; Why Not Say It With Truffles?

Lunch Like a Local - by Courtney Cochran
Where the Winemakers & Shakers Dine in Wine Country

B&B Best Bets - by Erika Lenkert

What is Love? Napa Valley - by Erika Lenkert

Small Town, Big Taste -by Robert Farmer
Yountville Packs a Culinary Punch on Par with Any City In America

Make Love, Not Wine - by Courtney Cochran
Planning the Ultimate Romantic Weekend in Wine Country
Part I: Napa

Warming Up in Wine Country - by Courtney Cochran
Wine country in winter doesn't have to be frosty and unwelcoming

What's Hopping in Healdsburg - by Erika Lenkert

Hip to Be Square - by Robert Farmer
Historic and Charming and Little Touristy - Sonoma Plaza

Bang for Your Buck - by Courtney Cochran
Score the Best Deals in Wine Country, Eats & Drinks

Retail Therapy - by Courtney Cochran
Wine Merch Worth Traveling For

Young Guns - by Courtney Cochran
Wine Country's Next Generation of Wine Makers Takes Off

Cocktail Tales - by Courtney Cochran
If you're anything like me, you spend much of your life in search of wine.

The Best of Budget Sonoma - by Erika Lenkert

The Perfect Wine Country Itinerary - by Erika Lenkert

Food Lovers for Napa Valley - by Erika Lenkert
If you're a serious food lover, I don't need to tell you where to dine when you visit Napa Valley.

Walking in a Wine-ter Wonderland - by Erika Lenkert
If that's not enough reason to follow my lead, consider a few of my favorite wintertime things to do and see in Napa Valley.

Girls Gone Napa - by Erika Lenkert
While "Sex & The City" didn't capture the essence of my female friendships, it did get one thing right: There are few things we enjoy more than hanging with our crew and gossiping about our lives.

Notes from The Underground Wine Country's Great Indoors - by Robert Farmer
Vineyards are naturally beautiful. Whether blooming yellow with mustard flowers or lush and ripe with grapes, the vines make for great photo-ops.

Wine Country After Dark - by Courtney Cochran
Ok, so it's not LA. It's not New York. And it's definitely not St. Tropez. When in wine country, don't expect to find nightlife that rivals the major after-dark scenes from around the globe.

VIP Wine Tours - by Erika Lenkert
When visiting Wine Country you can play it loose, scouting out wineries on the fly and elbowing up to the tasting room bar with dozens of other drop-in guests.

Wine Country Golfing - by Robert Farmer
You'll get little argument that California's Wine Country is one of the most romantic spots you're likely to find in the US.

Top Spots for Celebrity Watching - by M.L. Hilton
Where to go in Napa Valley to See the Stars

Itinerary - Romantic Day Trip in Napa Valley - by M.L. Hilton
Wine has so much variety to it that there's endless ground for discussion and debate.


50 Ways to Keep Your Lover this Valentine's Day - by Natalie MacLean

PlumpJack Plumps Up With Cade - by Robert Farmer

P.S. I Love You - by Courtney Cochran

Red Wine: It Does a Body Good - by Courtney Cochran

The Cabernet Crown - Why Cabernet is the King of the Valley - by Robert Farmer

Bubble, Bubble Everywhere
Sifting through the sparkling wine clutter this holiday season- by Courtney Cochran

Winter Wines
Enjoy robust Italian Nebbiolo Barolo and luscious Canadian ice wine paired with your hearty winter meals.
- by Courtney Cochran

Holiday Wines - by Courtney Cochran

Turkey Wines - by Courtney Cochran

Boo-Worthy Wines - Serve Scary Good Wines This Halloween - by Courtney Cochran

Brews You Can Use - At Harvest Time, a Beer Can Be Your Best Friend - by Robert Farmer

Diary of a Crush Part 1 - by Courtney Cochran

Diary of a Crush Part 2 - by Courtney Cochran

Diary of a Crush Part 3 - by Courtney Cochran

High Hopes for Harvest - by Robert Farmer

Amador-able - Experience Crush Without the Crowds - by Robert Farmer

Baja Begins - by Courtney Cochran
Exploring California's Other Wine Country

Kisses (and Vino) from Rio - by Courtney Cochran

Port Just Works - by Robert Farmer

Cayenne You Drink Wine With That?! - by Courtney Cochran
Honing in on the best wines for hot fare

Burn, Baby, Burn - by Courtney Cochran
A Sommelier Sheds Light on the Best Wines for BBQ

Feeling Supery - by Robert Farmer
A Winery Happily Exposes Itself

Multi-Tasking Tasting Room - by Courtney Cochran
Napa's best one-stop sipping spot

Dr. Seuss Comes to Napa - by Courtney Cochran
Imaginative winery breaks new ground

Go Premium Yourself- by Robert Farmer
Personal-batch wines for the High-end Set

Seeking Closure - by Robert Farmer
A Bottle Top Overcomes Its Screwed Up Rep

Terroirist Report - by Courtney Cochran
Wine Whiz Pierre Seillan Weighs In

Ghost Wineries - by Robert Farmer
Where Wine Country Began, the Spirit Remains

What's Old Is New - by Courtney Cochran
Answers to the Old World-New World Debate

Wine With a Side of Fries - by Courtney Cochran
What to quaff with these salty treats

New Twist on Bubbly - by Courtney Cochran
Sparkling sake takes off stateside

If the Glass Fits - by Courtney Cochran
A Sommelier's Take on the Supposedly Perfect Glass

Mustard Wines: - by Courtney Cochran
A Cautionary Tale

Backstage Pass: - by Courtney Cochran
Going behind the scenes in wine country

Spring Mountain Wine - by Courtney Cochran
Worth the Drive

Merlot Fights Back - by Courtney Cochran
A stunning new Merlot helps dispel the varietal's bad rap

The Carneros Complexity - by Robert Farmer
Get to Know a True Appellation

Mega Crush - by Courtney Cochran
You don't have to leave the wine behind when you leave wine country

Wine & Chocolate SOS - by Courtney Cochran
What you REALLY Ought to Know About Pairing These Two Treats

Unapologetically Pink - by Courtney Cochran
The best wines for romance, no holds barred

Happy Campers - by Robert Farmer
Get Your Palate into Shape Fast at a Wine Boot Camp

Crab Wines - by The Courtney Cochran
What to pair with the other white meat

Manic Organic - by Robert Farmer
Organic in Mind if not on Labels

Couture Wine at a Sample Price - by Courtney Cochran
Savvy shoppers, listen up! If someone told you that you could snap up ultra-luxe designer duds at ridiculously reasonable Target prices, how long would it take you to remove everything absolutely non-critical from your schedule and skedaddle on down to start buyin'?

Winter Wines - by Courtney Cochran
There are all sorts of things that are wonderful about winter time. Snow, comfort food and roaring fires are just a few of them.

Go Big This Holiday - by Robert Farmer
For the Big Cab Lover on Your List, a Napa Valley Region is Size Appropriate

Country Tastes in City Limits - by Robert Farmer
At the Intersection of Wine Country and San Francisco, Wine Bars

Holiday Sleepovers - by Robert Farmer
When Home for the Holidays Means a Wine Country Retreat

Wine Clubs - The Gift that Keeps on Giving- in a good way- by Robert Farmer
'Tis the season to shout at your steering wheel while parked in the lot of the local mall - furious in frustration over what the heck to buy that special someone.

Holiday Wines - by Courtney Cochran
It's that time of year again, and you have no idea which wines to pair with your turkey and stuffing, honey-glazed ham and other scrumptious treats this holiday season.

A Day Trip through Napa Valley Sparkling Wines - by M.L. Hilton
Sparkling wines and champagnes are delightful wines to drink and explore.

The Good Struggle: Making Stellar Wine in the Santa Cruz Mountains - by Courtney Cochran
During winter time storms whip savagely through the pass where Burrell School Vineyards is located high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, creating a spectral and awesome atmosphere that would leave most people more than a little shaken.

Harvest - The Time is Ripe - by Robert Farmer
There's no better time to be in wine country than during harvest. The crush. That's what the locals call it. It's the time of year that the grape growers turn their crop into cash.

The How-To Harvest - by Robert Farmer
Harvest Tales - Part 2

Blind Tasting 411 - by Courtney Cochran
Wine has so much variety to it that there's endless ground for discussion and debate.

"This Brut's For You - Tasting Notes
Whether you call it sparkling wine or Champagne, picking the right wine for your occasion (whether it be a special event, or just everyday) is easy when you follow Thom Elkjer's recommendations.

Why Cab is King - Cabernet Sauvignon is Number One for all the Right Reasonse
Wine has so much variety to it that there's endless ground for discussion and debate.

A Tradition of Trend-Setting - Syrah Shows That Change Is Intrinsic to American Wine
Centuries of wine tradition are ending in a single generation.

A Better Blanc: Great Whites That Are Good for the Earth
At harvest time in California wine country, it's not just warm during the day. Sometimes it's downright hot.


List of Lifestyle Articles

Desperately Seeking Serenity- by Courtney Cochran
Sonoma's Être Beauté Hits All the Right Notes

The Winery and The General- by Robert Farmer
A Partnership Tale About Healthy Food and a Healthy Planet

A Diner's Journal - The Restaurant at Meadowood - by Stacey Bressler
For more than two years, Meadowood the exclusive Relais and Chateaux Resort in St. Helena, has not had a fine dining venue. But as of this summer, The Restaurant is open and better than ever.

Wine Country Personality - Catherine Bergen
Over the past six years Catherine Bergen local culinary entrepreneur and founder of Made In Napa Valley®, has brought locals and visitors to a new level of cooking and entertaining with her premium-quality pantry foods inspired by the abundance and beauty of the Napa Valley.

A Season for Cooking
Right now there's a bumper crop of fresh new cookbooks from rising chefs and writers whose varied personalities, styles and use of ingredients bring together international flavors and fresh, local foods.


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