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The Best Paso Robles Zinfandel in a Weekend

Experience the ultimate Paso Robles Zinfandel weekend with our 2-day tasting guide to the best Zinfandel producers with tasting rooms in the area. These wineries are small, casual, and full…..

8 mins

Paso Robles: A Traveler’s Guide

If you’re looking for a nice wine tasting excursion that doesn’t include the hustle and bustle of Napa Valley or Sonoma County, Paso Robles is the perfect alternative. Located about…..

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The Best Paso Robles Wineries in Two Days

While Napa Valley and Sonoma remain the frontrunners of California wine, the Paso Robles region has officially put the central coast on the map for its own award winning wine……

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What is a Sommelier?

If you’ve been to a winery or fine dining establishment, you may have enjoyed being served wine by a sommelier. Also known as a wine steward, sommeliers can be considered…..

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Wine Tasting Attire: What to Wear

Sundress or skinny jeans. Heels or flip flops. Polo or t-shirt. If you’re going wine tasting, you might be a little unsure about what to do when it comes to…..

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What are Tannins?

If you’ve ever taken a sip of wine and immediately felt dryness in the middle of your tongue, then you’ve had tannins. A naturally derived polyphenol from wood, bark, fruit skins, seeds, leaves, and plants,…..