Description & Highlights Copy

This is your opportunity to introduce your brand to consumers. Talk about the experience they will have and specific amenities you offer. Use calls to actions and to tell the consumer that you are a can’t miss business!

New Features

Description Copy: When a consumer first lands on your business page, the description copy will appear truncated by default. The user now has the ability to expand or retract copy based on what they are interested in. Thus, the introductory copy to your business is critical.

Highlights aka “Featuring”: Instead of using long, rambling paragraphs of information in the Welcome Copy, we have a NEW section to help your business “highlight” certain aspects of your property or experience in more detail. Use this area to convey details about guestrooms, various wine tasting and tours, spa treatments, or wedding features.

Best Practices

Keep it short and simple. Long copy is so 1990s.

Focus on telling a story, not just making a sales pitch.

Provide meaningful details; be specific


Welcome Copy

  • Submit 150-200 words
  • Copy should be original content
  • Keep it short and simple


  • Submit 30-35 words
  • Copy should be original content
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Submit highlight image in submission form