10 Little Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation In Wine Country All The Time

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  • on MARCH 17, 2017
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No one can argue with the relaxation and happiness of a well-deserved vacation. Sometimes it’s not an actual place, but a state of mind. No really! You can mimic yourself a mini wine country vacation for yourself every time with these 15 products you can find and get shipped to your homestead courtesy of you favorite wine country locations.

filled wine glasses 1.Sip On Something Delicious: Wineries are the crowning jewels to destinations like Napa and Sonoma county. So what else could be listed as number one? Be sure to take note of your favorite winery from your last visit and swing by their online shop to ship yourself a reminder of rolling vineyards and warm Northern California.

INSIDER’S TIP: Enjoy the perfectly shippable Merryvale Wine gift sets. Grab a selection of your favorite red and white varietals to experience a tasting at home.

candle 2.Stop to Smell The Roses: There’s nothing like the sense of smell to transport you back in time. Travel to San Francisco with the flick of a match thanks to these candles made by Destination Fragrances. These all-natural candles come in travel size, in sleek metal tins and will instantly fill you home with relaxing aromas.

INSIDER’S TIP: We recommend the Sausalito candle, which has notes of lavender and smells like you’re standing in a field of eucalyptus trees. Without ever having to leave your bedroom!

unique table and chair outdoor set 3.Home Decor For Something More: Wine country does outdoor settings oh-so-right. Rustic tables and chairs lend to the homey vibes of most wineries, and you can bring that same elevated comfort to your own backyard or patio space. With a showroom in the Sonoma Cornerstone, you won’t want to miss Artefact Design & Salvage. With an emphasis on industrial design and reclaimed materials, their almost-found-in-nature products are the ultimate Californian inspiration for worldly home decor.

INSIDER’S TIP: If you can’t shell out the money for one of the exquisite larger furniture pieces, you can always purchase these gorgeous objects, like the River Rock Bowls, for a touch of archeological craftsmanship.

pantry 4.Stock The Pantry: There’s a reason the best chefs and imaginative restaurants open their doors in wine country, you just can’t beat the produce. Of course, along with the organic bounty of areas like Santa Barbara, Sonoma and Napa, there are also goods you can keep stocked in your very own pantry to ensure a vacation-worthy five-star meal at your own hands. Browse Healdsburg’s Shed for a wide variety of spices, oils and other essentials.

INSIDER’S TIP: Get started with a shiitake, padron and onion powder trio to take your basic potatoes or stir fries to an expert culinary level.

table setting with a prepared meal 5.Exotic Kitchen Tools: Vacations are all about trying new things, especially for dinner. One of our favorites is using a claypot, this is a traditional middle eastern way of cooking, and it is the perfect way to get the exotic dishes right in your home. You can order your very own claypot through Bram, out of Napa. Select from a variety of beautiful stew, bean and tall soup pots to use on the stovetop or directly in the oven. Your meal will have an effortless global touch!

INSIDER’S TIP: Check out the menu of Carpe Diem Wine Bar for some inspirational claypot cooking out of one of Napa’s more popular downtown spots. They also have a great wine list to help you pair.

pool overlooking vineyard 6.California Poolside Fashion: Remember spending the whole day laying in the sun and enjoying a lawnchair by the pool? Well, you may not have a pool, or even a hot tub, but you can still lounge around looking sexy in any of Nomad Chic’s kimonos or cover-ups. Feel the breeze in your hair and sand under your feet when you slip into something more comfortable for a weekend of lounging… at home.

INSIDER’S TIP: Every new vacation outfit deserves sunglasses, especially when you’re dreaming of summer spa days.

cheese platter 7.More Cheese, Please: The definitive picnic pairing with almost any wine, and there’s no doubt that there was plenty to go around on your last wine country vacation. So get back into that tasting menu with a hand-picked gift basket from Sonoma Cheese Shop. Select a variety of local wines, gourmet jams and preserves, quality crackers and of course — their legendary cheeses. Treat yourself to a party platter of California’s best treats.

INSIDER’S TIP: Make it extra special and set up a tasting for yourself with all of the gift basket appetizers. Be sure to rate the snacks, cheeses and wines for next time.

a variety of beers 8.Happy Hour Beer Tastings: Sometimes you want something other than wine to tickle your tastebuds. Wine country has a handful of craft breweries that supply all over the US. Check you local spirit purveyors for some excellent options from favorites like Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing and Bear Republic in Sonoma county.

INSIDER’S TIP: If you’re dreaming of summer vacation, check out Lagunitas’ limited edition, the Citrusiness Pale Ale. Made from blood oranges and a wheaty New Dogtown Pale Ale, this is delicious sunshine in a bottle.

breakfast in bed 9.Breakfast in Bed: You may not be in a luxury hotel facing the vineyard, but look on the bright side, now you won’t have to pay for room service! Make yourself (or a loved one) their favorite morning snack and use select ingredients from your favorite wineries and cheese shops. We recommend cooking with olive oil from St. Helena’s Long Meadow Ranch, making toast with any of the breads from Artisan Bakers in Sonoma, and what every wine country excursion needs in the morning hand-squeezed orange juice with a splash of Brut Prestige from Mumm Napa.

INSIDER’S TIP: Make it full gourmet by looking through the Long Meadow Ranch’s recipe page for inspiration and by-the-book instructions from excellent chefs in Northern California.

bath with outdoor view 10.At-Home Spa Day: If you’re missing the deep whirlpool tubs at Bardessono, then get online and find all the ingredients for your very own detox mustard bath. You can turn your very own bathroom into the soothing spaces of Napa Valley’s best spas. Dim the lights, turn on some light jazz and let the bathtub run.

INSIDER’S TIP: If you need to get back to the California beaches, purchase the bath salts “California Breeze” from San Francisco Salt Company.