17 Things Only a Winelover Understands During The Holidays

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  • on DECEMBER 14, 2016
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Let these GIFs say “Cheers to 2017”!

1.When you preemptively hide your phone from yourself, knowing the holidays are coming

Because wine and exes don’t mix well
Insider’s Tip: If you need a serious break, consider any of these excellent spas to relax and unwind from the late night don’t-do-it phone calls.

2. When your out-of-town cousin brings a bottle of your favorite Cab

Sometimes your family knows you best.
Insider Tip: Maybe mention beforehand how much you love Louis Martini. Hint, hint.

3. When no one can taste the difference between your California Cabernet and the $8 bottle your mother brought

Keep calm and sip on.
Insider’s Tip: Make a real impression with a HALL cab. Everyone will notice.

4. When your main goal is to not be THAT Uncle

Keep it classy.
Insider’s Tip: Get ahead of yourself and opt for a low pH and low alcohol level (under 15%), like the award-winning Jana Cathedral Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

5. When someone gifts you another cheap knockoff wine opener

Or faux-Riedel glass. Or cheap cork topper.
Insider’s Tip: Just send everyone this list for holiday gift inspiration.

6. When you select the dinner pairing and everyone looks to you for flavor notes

Hints of cinnamon, family tension and inevitable hangover.
Insider’s Tip: Do the research beforehand with our handy guide from last month’s important family dinner.

7. When you have one too many glasses of Pinot before the religious services

Turn wine into water and take a seat.
Insider’s Tip: Go with one glass of water to every glass of wine to avoid the awkward outbursts.

8. When a family member asks what you’re doing with your life. Or why you’re still single

Smile, nod, shrug.
Insider’s Tip: Escape the madness at any of these exquisite wineries with private club member lounges.

9. When you know there’s only one more glass in the bottle of Ridge Monte Bello

Take it. You earned it.
Insider’s Tip: Take a trip to Ridge’s Lytton Springs to stock up, just in case.

10. When grandma is in town and promptly begins pouring at 4:00

Respect your elders.
Insider’s Tip: Grandma’s favorite is usually Mondavi. Can’t go wrong with Chardonnay.

11. When your sister proudly claims that she only drinks Rosé

Offer her a spritzer… or a trip to Napa.
Insider’s Tip: Educate the wine novices in your family with some of these fantastic wine visits.

12. When you forget that Port is about 20% alcohol

Get jolly.
Insider’s Tip: Make it a special occasion with Prager’s Port based in St. Helena.

13. When you spend the day last-minute gift shopping

Go ahead and take bubbles to bubbles.

Insider’s Tip: Decompress and splurge on a limited edition 2016 holiday bottle of Chandon Brut Classic with a label designed by Rebecca Minkoff.

14. When you finally open that Riesling you’ve been saving for a year

Special occasion, indeed!
Insider’s Tip: Go with the Trefethen limited edition Late Harvest Riesling for a true treat with dessert.

15. When the cheese plate comes

THIS is why there are dinner courses!
Insider’s Tip: Don’t leave it to your grocery store, make your cheese plate perfect with these wine country favorites.

16. When the champagne is flowing and there’s enough for everyone

Who needs a flute?
Insider’s Tip: Grab a bottle of Mumm Napa to save just for yourself.

17. When everyone at the table complements the Pinot you picked out

You’re a club member for a reason.
Insider’s Tip: Get prepared early for praise and sign up for any of these excellent wine clubs.

Bio: Tiffany Bukowski is a Northern California native and specializes in brand marketing in San Francisco. She enjoys red blends, fancy cheese boards, and talking with her hands.




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