Holiday Wine Cork Pinterest Crafts

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  • on DECEMBER 12, 2016
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Don’t throw out your wine corks — they can be “upcycled” to make fun and cute do-it-yourself holiday gifts. You’ll probably go through countless wine corks over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays so we scoured Pinterest to find the best holiday crafts you can create to give to family and family or show off your love of wine this holiday season.

Wine Cork Christmas Trees

cork-christmas-trees-pinterest Show off your love of both the holidays and wine with these Wine Cork Christmas Trees. These perfect little Pinterest crafts would look great clustered on a mantle or in a holiday center piece.

Materials Needed:
13 wine corks
Hot glue gun
Mod Podge
Glitter in your choice of colors
Empty toilet paper roll

Read full tutorial here

Christmas Cork Wreath

cork-wreath-pinterest Again bringing you all the ways you can represent your love of wine this holiday season. Get to drinking those bottles of wine because you’ll need a lot of corks for this one. This wreath will look festive with a large bow hanging on your front door or even propped up against the wall in a holiday vignette.

Materials Needed:
14″ straw wreath form
50-75 of wine corks
2 boxes of toothpicks – the round kind, not the flat kind – they need to be strong
A drill with a small drill bit

Read full tutorial here:

Wine Cork Candle Holders

cork-candles-pinterest This is a easy craft for wine enthusiasts with lots of corks around, even if you’re not crafty. But a great way to jazz up a table setting or center piece without a lot of work.

Material needed:
Large glass cylinder
Smaller glass cylinder (to hold the candle)
20-30 wine corks depending on cylinder size.

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Wine Cork Hors D’Oeuvres Knives

cork-knives The perfect holiday gift for the wine and cheese lover. A highly impressive wine cork craft that doesn’t require too much work. Pair them with a favorite cheese and a bottle of wine and you’ve nailed a great hostess gift.

Material needed:
Hor d’oeuvres knives (as many as you would like)
Wine corks

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Wine Cork Coasters With Frames

cork-christmas-coasters-pinterest Family and friends will be coming over this season for merriment and memories. Avoid the mayhem(at least on your table tops) with these wine cork coasters. A perfect upcycled, DIY project that you can enjoy and use well after the holidays.

Material needed:
Multiple small picture frames(glass not needed) with inner width of 1 ½”
4-8 wine corks per frame depending on length
Hot glue

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