20 Boozy Beverages for The Holiday Season

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Meditating over a bottle of bubbly from our friends at J Vineyards, inspiration struck: sparkling punch for the holidays! But we didn’t stop there. Here are 20 delicious reasons to mix up your cocktail (and wine) game. Plus, we made our very own pinterest board with even more scrumptious concoctions.

1. Sparkling Rosé Punch with Cranberry and Persimmon

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
A Cozy Kitchen

Don’t fret — there will be no flashbacks to junior high dances with this punch. Blending a spritely rosé with spicy, fresh ginger, sweet elderflower liqueur, and the seasonal fruit flavors of persimmon and cranberry, this sweet punch from A Cozy Kitchen adds sparkle to any holiday get together.

2. Spiced Winter Sangria

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
What Molly Made

While sangria typically comes out for picnics and warm-weather days, we’re not complaining about this winter-worthy version from What Molly Made. Fresh apples, oranges, and cinnamon sticks are soaked in warmed sweet red wine and brandy, but it’s the chai sugar rim that really brings out the wintery vibes.

3. Cidertini

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season

Shake up your typical martini and add a fall twist with Mantitlement’s Cidertini. Chilled cider gets a spiked upgrade by adding caramel-flavored vodka, apple liqueur, and enough cinnamon to warm up any chilly night.

4. Smoke Signals

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Richard Pierce – Epicurious

For those wanting to take their cocktail-making skills to another level, Epicurious shares their recipe for a Smoke Signal. Add on a few hours to craft this show-stopping cocktail as you’ll be leveraging the flavor of wood chips to craft smoked ice chunks. And, if that wasn’t enough, a homemade pecan syrup is also on the list of tasks. While this libation may be more than just shaken or stirred, sherry, whiskey, and the artisanal add ons will have your tastebuds flying high.

5. Candy Cane Cocktail

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Boulder Locavore

Candy cane infused vodka is the star of this holiday musical for your mouth, and while you will need to infuse the vodka yourself, it is as easy as pie (and makes great holiday gifts too!) A little bit naughty and definitely nice, Creme de Cacao and Bitters are the costars to this future seasonal favorite from Boulder Locavore.

6. Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Serious Eats

Talk about a trio made in heaven, the Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Cocoa from Serious Eats is bound to add a bit of sparkle to the eyes of any bacon, bourbon, hazelnut/chocolate fans, and this recipe is not messing around. Full slices of hearty bacon mingle with milk and bittersweet chocolates, biting bourbon, and Frangelico. Sweet and meaty, we won’t judge if this cocktail ends up as part of your holiday brunch plans.

7. Pumpkin Spice White Russian

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season

Move over PSL, because you have some major pumpkin-spice competition. A small step can add big flavor to this cold-weather favorite. A sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice is all Nutmeg Nanny suggests to upgrade the dessert-like White Russian cocktail.

8. The Roast and Toast Cocktail

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season

Mix and mingle your morning Joe with the big flavors of bourbon, Amaro, and orange juice. Add a blow-torched marshmallow accoutrement and you have the Roast and Toast Cocktail from GastroNom.

9. Cranberry and Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Baker by Nature

Baker by Nature mixed up a little somethin’ special with a traditional Whiskey Sour. Cranberries, the obvious choice for any winter bevvy, are cooked down with sugar and water to create a delightfully decadent simple syrup. Add citrus, alcohol, and shake vigorously to burn off some holiday calories before you sip.

10. Old Fashioned

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Salted Plains

After a long winter’s day, why not mix yourself up an Old Fashioned — you deserve it. And, we have two decadent seasonal options to suggest. Delish’s Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned includes a splash of maple syrup to add a bit of sweetness to your night, while the Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned from Salted Plains includes a cinnamon, rosemary, and honey simple syrup.

11. Vin Brulé

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
The Spruce

As days become cooler, winter markets across Europe are firing up their burners to create traditional mulled wine. In Italy, it is no different and Vin Brulé — Italian-style mulled wine — is a delightfully warm treat with full-bodied flavor care of a handful of spices, a hearty red wine, and a desire to celebrate the holidays right. Craft your own version, give or take a liquor or two, with guidance from The Spruce.

12. Hot Buttered Rum

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Chelsea Lupkin – Delish

Welcome season’s greetings care of Delish and their Hot Buttered Rum recipe crafted out of ice cream, brown sugar, apple cider, rum, and a whole cup of BUTTER.

13. Red Nose Punch

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Helen Rosner – Saveur

Reindeer approved, Saveur’s Red Nose Punch is as playful as the name. Grab a favorite bourbon and lager, mix with cranberry juice and fresh cranberries, stir and enjoy. This punch will add a rosy glow that will make even Santa jealous.

14. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Imma Eat That

Chocolate and wine is an absolute favorite pairing, so why not combine the two in seasonal celebration? Imma Eat That suggests stirring up a robust red with thick and creamy, homemade chocolate milk for a decadently rich beverage to sip while you deck all the halls.

15. Mulled White Wine

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Mitzy at Home

You’re only 20 minutes away from this spiked winter favorite with a twist. Versus the typical red wine base, this mulled wine from Mitzy at Home boasts a light and sweet white wine warmed with honey, oranges, and a trio of spices to keep you toasty from the inside out.

16. Gold Rush Cocktail

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Garnish with Lemon

A simple mix sometimes strikes it rich and the Gold Rush Cocktail from Garnish with Lemon, which has a delightfully body-warming zing from the main ingredient — ginger liqueur. With a splash of lemon and a bit of bourbon, you’ll be warm-weather California dreaming in no time.

17. Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
A Cozy Kitchen

A Cozy Kitchen did it again with another tasty update to a year-round cocktail fav. Post-holiday meal leftovers are the perfect add to your typical G+T. Lingering cranberries and thyme with a splash of OJ will elevate your norm to seasonal splendor.

18. Charles Dickens Punch

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Photo Courtesy of Portobello Road Gin – Chilled Magazine

No visits from the ghosts of holiday past needed to enjoy Chilled Magazine’s Charles Dickens Punch. The ghosts of holiday future want to share this spiced Madeira wine libation to ensure your shindig is the toast of the town.

19. Broiled Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Amanda K by the Bay

When the weather outside is frightful, Amanda K by the Bay’s Broiled Bailey’s Hot Chocolate is absolutely delightful. And, let’s be honest, enjoying an adult-version of hot cocoa doesn’t have to depend on weather patterns. Bailey’s Irish Cream and hot chocolate may seem pretty obvious, but it’s the final step of broiling the marshmallows to get tasty, toasted perfection.

20. Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktails

20 Boozy Beverages for the Holiday Season
Cooking and Beer

Easily described as Thanksgiving in a glass, Cooking and Beer’s Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktail is easy to mix into seasonal rotation for any beer aficionado, even well after the Thanksgiving feast is over.

Explore even more holiday-fueled, spiked beverage inspiration with our Boozy Holiday Beverages Pinterest board.

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