Apple Tarte Tatin

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  • on AUGUST 24, 2007
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Submitted By François de Mélogue
Brewery Gulch Inn

Mendocino’s Brewery Gulch Inn Executive Chef François de Mélogue takes advantage of Anderson Valley’s bounty of Granny Smith apples for his special Tarte Tatin served warm with caramel ice cream. Join Chef de Mélogue for the Apple Harvest Dinner on September 23, 2006 when he displays the talents which make the Inn’s breakfasts and lavish wine hour hors d’oeuvres so memorable. He also offers extraordinary in-room dinners by advance reservation. Visit for more information.



  • 4 oz. Flour
  • pinch Sea Salt
  • 1 t. Sugar
  • 2 oz. Butter, unsalted
  • 1/2 c. Water, cold
  • 6 each Granny Smith Apples
  • 1/2 c. Sugar
  • 2 T. Butter
  • 1 each Orange, zested
  • enough Powdered Sugar
  • 4 scoops Caramel Ice Cream



Mix the first three ingredient: flour, salt and sugar. Dice cold butter and mix into flour with your fingers till it resembles coarse corn meal. Add just enough cold water to make a ball. Be careful not to overwork dough or it will be tough. Let rest one hour.

Peel, core and cut apples into eight equal sections. Melt second amount of butter and sugar in a heavy gauged sauté pan. When the sugar starts to caramelize add apples and cook till they are well browned and fully cooked. Add orange zest. Save the remainder of the orange for a snack or another dish.

Line a 10- inch Teflon sauté pan with apples. Roll dough out to 1/8″. Cover the apples with the dough and bake in a 450-degree oven till browned. Place plate on top and turn both the pan and plate over. The tart should just pop out. Sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar and serve warm with caramel ice cream


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