Foie Gras Legal Again in California

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  • on JANUARY 7, 2015
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It appears that foie gras is legal once again in California and will be back on restaurant menus. According to recent news reports, a U.S. District Court Judge in Los Angeles revoked the ban on importing foie gras from out of state into California which means restaurants can again start importing and serving foie gras. According to the judge, the law was unconstitutional because federal poultry law regulates the sale and distribution of foie gras. As such, federal regulations supersede California’s health and safety codes. 

Local Napa Chef Ken Frank of La Toque restaurant was one of several chefs that worked hard to overturn the ban and spearheaded having foie gras re-legalized in the state since the initial ban in 2012. He, along with many other chefs and restaurants in California, are excited and enthusiastic about the ruling. Many are planning to have foie gras back on the menu as early as tonight or tomorrow!

For more details about the ruling and judgement, see SF Eater or LA Times.


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