DeLoach Takes By-the-Glass Carbon Footprint to New Lows

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deloachbag.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Russian River-based DeLoach Vineyards continues to innovate in the sustainable wine realm with its newest initiative, the “Barrel-to-Barrel” by-the-glass program. Created for eco-conscious on-premise accounts like The Fairmont San Francisco, DeLoach’s program – which features nearly 100% recyclable mini barrels and equally recyclable 10L “eco-bag” wine inserts – virtually eliminates the waste associated with buying and serving wine. Carbon: The New Low Is Zero
I say it’s about time in an industry where alarmingly high packaging waste output conflicts with most wine companies’ otherwise green ideals. And there’s more: Besides being a significant improvement from a waste perspective over traditional glass-packaged bottles, the Barrel-to-Barrel program offers clients still more perks in the form of profit and spoilage advantages (can you tell I am a fan?). Because the recyclable barrel inserts contain 10 liters of wine but cost the same as a traditional 9-liter (12 bottle) case, buyers receive an extra 7 glasses’ worth of wine to pour for paying customers. What’s more, the 10-liter replaceable bags offer the same benefit of bag-in-the-box wines when it comes to freshness: air is eliminated as wine is expelled, which means wine lasts from six to eight weeks from the time the first glass is poured.

No wonder Jean-Charles Boisset – whose company Boisset Family Estates owns DeLoach – was named Innovator of the Year by the Wine Enthusiast for his efforts towards reducing the carbon footprint associated with wine.