The Locals Know Where To Dine in Monterey

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  • on JULY 29, 2009
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Marie Galbo

Business brought me to Monterey; my stomach brought me to the Monterey Fish House.

I have only been to Monterey a couple of times so I stopped a few places and asked some locals for recommendations on where to eat with the remark “I don’t need fluff & puff, just want good food”.   Nearly every person mentioned Monterey Fish House.  I set out to find the location and turns out the fish house was right around the corner from where I was staying at Lone Oak Lodge.    I was warned to arrive at 5pm when they opened or I would be in line.  They weren’t kidding. I arrived around 4:50 and, next thing I knew, a line had formed outside the locked door.  After the doors were opened (promptly at 5pm I might add), I took a seat at the bar, looked at the quaint cozy surroundings and realized this must have been a home at one point in time.

Pete was behind the bar this particular evening. As many of my friends know, I get quite the kick out of having another person pick what I’m having to eat at a restaurant. It was not any different at the Monterey Fish House. Pete decided I was having a fresh green salad with the oak grilled halibut.  Pete’s choice could not have been more perfect.    I was afraid my eyes would involuntary close and I would start making funny noises because the food was that delicious.  

What was even more enjoyable was the level of customer service.  For most of the evening save for about 30 minutes after they opened, the restaurant was so alive with families and friends; you could barely hear yourself think.  Then out of the song of conversations you would hear the daily specials as they were told to the guests at their tables.  

Being able to dine at the bar Pete became very busy.  But just as I was thinking that,  out of nowhere came Carlos and César.  Both young men assisted Pete in taking care of all of the guests at the bar as well as out on the floor of the restaurant.  I never felt rushed even though many people were standing room only behind us waiting for a seat at the bar or in line at the door waiting patiently for a table. Although, I have no doubt every one there works together as a great team, I only had the pleasure of being taken care of by Pete, Carlos & César – a customer service experience that will not soon be forgotten.

So next time you are in Monterey, make sure to stop by Monterey Fish House for fabulous food and outstanding customer service. Just remember get there at 5pm when they open or be prepared to wait !

Monterey Fish House
2114 Del Monte Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 373-4647


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