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  • on JULY 24, 2017
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Note: This experience is no longer available. Here are some others you might like:

Husband and wife duo, Jason and Helen Holman, lead the charge at Napa’s Holman Cellars along with cousin John. Their 3000 square foot winery is in an unlikely location and calls a south Napa industrial park home. Founded officially in 2010, the couple met in law school and with a combined passion for winemaking (and a familiar one for Helen), began the journey of producing small lots of unique wines using unusual varietals with their flagship brand, Uncharted Wines.

While the winery’s location is an uncommon one, Holman Cellars hosts a highly personalized experience for guests who make the trek off the beaten, Napa Valley, wine-tasting path. They’re focused on producing the highest in quality wines and ensuring guests have the most engaging visit through sampling their wares in bottle and barrel, and for the most curious of visitors, a behind-the-scenes and hands on winemaking adventure with Wine Country Experiences.

Hands on Winemaking (no longer available)

hands on wine making Holman Cellars
190 Camino Oruga, #9
Napa, CA 94558

You never know what you’ll be walking into when you book this very special experience. That is what they’re most excited about! This is a working winery and there are jobs and to-dos to be done that are of a very seasonal nature. Whether you’re sitting in on a blending session between Jason and John, climbing in and cleaning out tanks or bottling wine there isn’t a more indepth Napa Valley experience.

In their most recent offering, guests were able to pull up a chair and sit across from Napa Valley winemaker Jason Holman as he walked through the process of blending wine. On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much to blending wines. One would assume(correctly) you take one wine and stir it with another, and the result is a wine that tastes a little like both. But as Jason and John will show you, it is more than simply stirring.

wine tasting Bottles are uncorked, wine glasses set out and paper at ready for note taking. There is a masterful side to blending that not only requires an understanding of its mechanics but also requires a palate with some finesse and an ability to envision a flavorful outcome. Jason guides you through the process as you take in the smells and sips of three varietals. Then the blending begins. Back and forth you go until you arrive at the perfect mixture. On the whole, blending to improve wines is more like an art than a science. Their small lots of one to four barrels make it possible to create new and exciting wines that mystify even the biggest wine connoisseur. The Holman’s use unusual varietals, secluded vineyards, and unconventional production techniques, in order to provide the consumer with an unforgettable experience.

You will enjoy tasting Jason’s uncommon wine varietals, along with cheese and charcuterie, during this one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll leave with a better understanding of wine and winemaking, but no promises that you’ll leave with clean hands.

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