Opening Silver Oak

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  • on JANUARY 21, 2009
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silveroak.jpgBy Robert Farmer

Sitting as it was without bothering anybody in my wine cellar, the bottle of 1999 Silver Oak had been resisted long enough. So on Christmas last year, I decided the time was right to open ‘er up. Frankly, I have not been the rabid advocate for Silver Oak as are many folks among the legion of fans the winery can proudly claim. I’ve been impressed, but also under whelmed by some vintages. And while I know the oak notes are the wines’ signature, my experience has occasionally been akin to running headlong into an oak barrel. On Christmas night I figured I ought to decant. Turned out to be a good call. Because with plenty of air, the wine simply blossomed to life: gorgeous color, expressive fruit, hints of spice, concentrated and superbly balanced, lingering finish and with just the ideal amount of oak. Simply put, it was sublime. The life of the party. And it reminded me I need to visit the folks at S.O. again soon. What better time than on February 9th, when the winery celebrates the opening of its new Oakville facility as well as the release of the 2004 cab.  Release Day is open to the public for a tasting fee of $30 per person. Locations for the event are 915 Oakville Crossroad in Oakville and 24625 Chianti Road in Geyserville.


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