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OOCT exterior.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

We’ve known for years that the region surrounding the South African capital is home to many riches: spectacular geography, world-class wines and diamonds are just a few of the area’s most coveted resources. And now, the South African capital itself can boast a jewel in its very own crown: the brand new One&Only Cape Town , a six-star super-luxury resort on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront boasting – among other fabulously first-class amenities – the world’s largest collection of South African wines under one roof. winewall1.jpgVinous Adventure, Indeed
Housed in a three-story wine loft complete with temperature controlled seating and tapas style tasting menus from maze by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the One&Only’s spectacular vinous collection encompasses more than 100 wines by the glass and more than 5,000 total bottles. And for guests looking to expand their knowledge of South African wines beyond the dinner table, the resort offers an “Introduction to the Wines of the Cape” course on-site as well as One&Only-sponsored private cellar tours and tastings in neighboring wine regions (where you can also take in the aforementioned spectacular geography).

All in all, it sounds fabulously tempting, something no doubt Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro – all of whom attended the resort’s launch party earlier this month – would agree on.


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