Best Cookbooks of 2023 to Gift This Holiday Season

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  • on DECEMBER 4, 2023
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Best Cookbooks of 2023 to Gift This Holiday Season

By Hana-Lee Sedgwick December 4, 2023

If my extensive cookbook collection has anything to show, it’s that I have a passion for good food and find a lot of joy in cooking for family and friends. I have spent years adding to this collection, relishing each book as if it were a novel (just me?) and eagerly experimenting with different recipes each season. So, when a new cookbook hits the shelves, I can’t wait to explore its pages, even if that means squeezing one more book into my already overflowing shelves!

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

This year has seen a plethora of great cookbook releases—too many to count, really. While it would be impossible for me to try them all, I have done my best to sift through the latest releases to curate a list of ten outstanding cookbooks worth gifting (or gifting to yourself) this season. Each promises to add flavor and creativity to the kitchen—not just this holiday season, but well into the new year. Enjoy!

10 Best New Cookbooks for 2023

Snacking Bakes | Yossy Arefi

Snacking Bakes By Yossy Arefi

For anyone seeking out homemade treats that can be made within an hour (and in one bowl, no less), Snacking Bakes is a must. From sweet to salty, fruity to ooey-gooey, this easy-to-follow cookbook has everything needed to fulfill those sweet cravings, fast—all without the fuss of fancy gadgets or hard-to-find ingredients. I recently made the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars with my daughter, and the recipe couldn’t have been easier (or tastier). If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who loves to bake, or even for someone who claims they have no baking skills but adores sweet treats, this is the book to give.

Cook it Wild | Chris Nuttall-Smith

Cook It Wild: Sensational Prep-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors By Chris Nuttall-Smith

Cook It Wild is an enticing adventure for the taste buds, perfect for anyone who likes dining in the great outdoors. Each of the 75 approachable, yet mouthwatering recipes is marked with easy-to-understand symbols, so you can swiftly tailor your menu to match your outdoorsy venture, be it to an off-grid cabin or your own backyard. The secret is Nuttall-Smith’s prep-ahead, make-ahead strategy, which makes the actual process of cooking outdoors nearly effortless. From cocktail-hour snacks and hearty mains, to tips for cooking with Dutch ovens, Cook It Wild will help anyone make amazing food outside, whether they’re a camping newbie or a pro.

Salad Seasons | Sheela Prakash

Salad Seasons: Vegetable-Forward Dishes All Year By Sheela Prakash

Let’s be honest: how often have we bought lettuce, intent on whipping up a fresh salad, only to have it wilt away in the fridge, unused? It’s all too familiar a story, am I right? Luckily, Salad Seasons is the perfect remedy for any salad slump. This cookbook will not only help anyone build a better salad, thanks to seasonally-inspired recipes that are easy to follow and irresistibly tasty, but it also showcases the versatility of salads as a main course. From Crispy Rice Salad with Miso Roasted Mushrooms to Cacio e Pepe Shaved Brussels Sprouts, this book is sure to rekindle a love for salads.

Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others | Amy Thielen

Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others By Amy Thielen

Searching for the perfect gift for the accomplished home cook who loves hosting, or for the friend eager to master the art of entertaining with ease? Then definitely check out Company, which highlights Amy Thielen’s laid-back approach to entertaining in rural Minnesota. With 125 recipes spread across 21 diverse menus, Company is a practical guide to cooking for a crowd, and emphasizes the joys of casual entertaining, be it family brunch around the fire pit or a Thanksgiving dinner for twelve.

Tin to Table: Fancy, Snacky Recipes for Tin-Thusiasts and A-Fish-ionados | Ana Hezel

Tin to Table: Fancy, Snacky Recipes for Tin-Thusiasts and A-Fish-ionados By Anna Hezel

If any food item has been having a moment, it’s tinned fish, aka THE pantry must-have for hip foodies and oenophiles everywhere. If you or your friends love tinned fish, then don’t miss this book, which features 50+ creative recipes, along with pairing suggestions and shopping tips. From no-fuss snacks (Vermouth Hour Potato Chips with Mussels, Olives, and Piparras, anyone?) to recipes that make tinned fish the star (we’re looking at you, Tuna Noodle Casserole 2.0), Tin to Table is sure to become a go-to dining companion for all things seafood in a tin.

Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome’s Jewish Corner | Leah Koenig

Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome’s Jewish Kitchen By Leah Koenig

Ever since studying abroad in Rome, I’ve had a soft spot for all things Italian, including Roman cuisine. Thanks to the new cookbook Portico, which beautifully captures the food and culture of the Roman Jewish community, I can savor the flavors of the Eternal City right from my own kitchen, and with just a handful of ingredients. Each flavorful recipe—think Jewish-Style Fried Artichokes; Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice; Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Lamb; and Lemony Almond Cake, to name a few—promises to transport you to the bustling streets of Roma, no plane ticket needed.

Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling | Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral

Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling By Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral

An asada represents more than just grilled meat; it’s a celebration of gathering with friends and family to enjoy good food, music, drinks, and community spirit. This vibrant essence is perfectly encapsulated in this new cookbook from Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral. Packed with recipes for appetizers, beverages, sides, meats, and desserts, not to mention game-changing marinades and salsas you can whip up in a blender, Asada is a flavor-packed introduction to Mexican-style grilling—and one that backyard BBQ aficionados will reach for again and again.

The Ranch Table: Recipes from a Year of Harvests, Celebrations, and Family Dinners on a Historic California Ranch | Elizabeth Poett

The Ranch Table: Recipes from a Year of Harvests, Celebrations, and Family Dinners on a Historic California Ranch By Elizabeth Poett

Elizabeth Poett, a seventh-generation rancher from the Central Coast of California, is most known for her Magnolia Network cooking show, Ranch to Table. Having the privilege of knowing her personally, I can attest she is a savvy home chef and hostess, which is why I was excited to get my hands on her debut cookbook, The Ranch Table. Offering a window into life on her family’s historic ranch through a year of seasonal recipes and events, this delightful cookbook captures the essence of Poett’s signature relaxed approach to cooking and entertaining. Each accessible recipe—some handed down through generations—not only celebrates the rhythm of the seasons, but serves as a reminder of the beauty of gathering with loved ones to share a good meal.

Scandinavian From Scratch: A Love Letter to the Baking of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden | Nichole Accettola

Scandinavian From Scratch: A Love Letter to the Baking of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden By Nichole Accettola

After moving back to the States from Copenhagen, chef Nichole Accettola longed for a taste of the Scandinavian-style rye bread that had become a staple in her family’s diet. Armed with a culinary background, she baked her way through that “homesickness,” eventually opening her own bakery in San Francisco dedicated to Scandinavian baked goods. Today, her beloved recipes can be found in Scandinavian from Scratch, which brings to life sweet and savory flavors and traditions of the Nordic region. From simple breakfast baked goods to more elaborate holiday treats, each of the 75 recipes is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds. It’s sure to delight any avid baker, or anyone looking to fill their home with the sweet smells of spices, sugar, and butter (uh, who wouldn’t?).

Les Dames d'Escoffier Cookbook: Stirring the Pot | Silvia Baldini and Sharon Franke

Les Dames d’Escoffier Cookbook: Stirring the Pot By Silvia Baldini and Sharon Franke

Food and wine connoisseurs are likely familiar with the prestigious Les Dames d’Escoffier, an organization known for its celebration and support of women in the culinary world. But even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re still in for a treat with this cookbook—a collection of recipes from some of the biggest names in food (it’s like a who’s who of the New York female culinary scene). Exploring a range of flavors and techniques—think veg-forward Minestrone Soup to Chili Crisp and Anchovy Pasta to Argentinian Empanadas—Stirring the Pot promises a dish to suit every palate and skill level. Even more, Sommelier extraordinaire Pascaline Lepeltier has included wine pairings that’ll make your at-home meals feel like a fancy dinner out. And, not to go unmentioned, proceeds support Les Dames d’Escoffier New York’s Scholarship Fund, helping aspiring women chefs on their way to culinary greatness.


And there you have it: ten new cookbooks for all your gift giving needs this holiday season. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a fellow food-loving friend or you’re eager to spice up your own kitchen adventures, these 2023 cookbook releases are sure to hit the mark. But remember, this list is just the beginning. The world of cookbooks is vast and varied, so I encourage you to dive in and have fun exploring all the culinary treasures out there. Happy cooking, and happy holidays!