The Untraditional Turkey

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  • on NOVEMBER 2, 2009
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To most, turkey and Thanksgiving is as obvious as peanut butter and jelly.  What isn’t obvious anymore is how we cook that turkey.  In addition to the traditional basted, bagged and roasted turkey methods we now have a myriad of new, exciting and untraditional ways of cooking that delectable bird. Step into the culinary world of turkey grilling (yes, on the bbq!), smoking, deep frying and rotisserie. Set your fears aside and discover the “untraditional turkey” this year.  You may be surprised at the response you and your bird get this year, kissing your traditional method goodbye forever.
Don’t believe me?  Then let me tell you a story ….

Last Thanksgiving, my husband decided to smoke the turkey instead of the traditional “bagged” turkey. While my husband is great on the grill and smoked turkey sounded wonderful, I did not like the idea of being adventurous on Thanksgiving. Truth be told, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t quite turn out as expected. What’s more, we were expecting quite a few people for dinner!

To be safe, I cooked my traditional “bagged” turkey and it came out as expected – juicy and delicious.  However, my turkey sat virtually ignored and my husband’s turkey was completely devoured. He clearly “smoked” the competition-namely me. I conceded defeat.  The smoked turkey was good, absolutely memorable, and our family can never go back.  Our traditional turkey has forevermore flown the coup and has been replaced by our new tradition-the “untraditional turkey”. 

To help you find your own new Thanksgiving un-tradition, we’ve provided a few our favorite recipes and methods below.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wine Smoked Turkey
“Make this elegant turkey for anyone from the East or Midwest, where grilling in November just can’t happen.” Sunset Magazine

Honey Brined Smoked Turkey
It was great! Moist and yummy, and sooo easy!” Kathleen, user review on Food Network

Hawaiian Portuguese Smoked Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey – Paula Deen recipe
“We just bought a turkey fryer and I decided I just had try Paula’s recipe and Wow! It was fabulous! All we had left was the carcus.”, user review by Renee on Food Network

Two Alarm Deep Fried Turkey (from Southern Living Magazine)

Mesquite-Grilled Turkey 


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